For Sale By Owner

Be Sure Your Up For the Job

You must have plenty of time to show, market, and negotiate with potential buyers. I may be a challenge but if you've got the time it could lead to the sell of your home. Most buyers like to look at homes between 10am- 5pm but also don't like waiting in such a competitive market. So you must be willing to drop what your doing to show or potentially risk missing a buyer.

Price Right

Believe it or not if your home is not priced right from initial day of listing it could affect your potential salability. Be sure to do your research of the local market and don't fall into the " Zillow Zestimates " trap. Its been proven that zillow has been off on its estimates as high as 20%. In order to get the most accurate pricing you will have to research county assessors page for recent sales and also understand how to PRICE ADJUST for things like age, sq ft, updates, and taxes.

Declutter and Clean Up

You will want to start the clean up by fixing up loose ends like door knobs, mixing paint, cracked windows, and etc. Also, start storing valuables in safe location like jewelry, family photos, and other personal belongings you don't want other seeing or having access to.


No matter what you've been told its always a good idea to hire a professional photographer to ensure your exposing the true characteristics of your home. Its been proven by studies homes that have professional photos sell faster!


A “For Sale” sign, after the Internet and a real estate agent, is the most effective tool for attracting buyers, according to NAR surveys. Place it as close to the road as possible, unobstructed and with a phone number that’s easy to read and that someone will answer day and night.

Advertise Online

Its not a hidden fact that you have access to the same great online marketing tools agents do like Zillow, Trulia, & These are all great traffic drivers to get decent exposure on your homes.Feature pictures and a video tour in your listings, and make sure you also include driving directions, heating and cooling sources, and your school district. Of course, the Elite Home Team has many more traffic drivers but by this time your probably thinking this is a lot.

Look For Buyers With Commitment

The borrowing process-one who has prequalified for a mortgage (which just means a lender has checked a buyer’s credit). A deal with a buyer holding a commitment is less likely to collapse.

Hire a Real Estate Attorney

Many states don’t require a lawyer for a sale, but hiring one familiar with sales by owner is crucial. He or she can field offers, help execute contracts, and arrange a closing date.